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Pregnant with a three year old; I’m so tired!

Pregnancy the second time around is a whole different experience. I do not know how people do it three, four, five times! Maybe it’s the sheer fatigue taking over but I cannot imagine having more than two children!

My three year old feels increasingly challenging at the moment. I’m sure he senses that I don’t have much energy so is running rings around me! I feel guilty that I don’t have the energy to do more activities with him at home or take him out more but I am trying my best. It won’t be forever.

I have two days off work with him at the moment and mostly make sure we get out for at least a couple of hours on those days. Wednesday mornings we go to Footy Totz and Friday we usually arrange a playdate with a friend and her little boy who Thomas loves. I am trying my best to stay active but honestly I find chasing after Thomas a real struggle at the moment. It’s hard taking him out when his Daddy isn’t with us (so on our days off!) I don’t have much help with Thomas from my family so I just have to get on with it! Sometimes I envy friends and women I know who have lots of help from their Mums/ Parents/ Sisters etc but I have to accept that I don’t and find ways to manage. One of my friends asked if we can have a playdate at my house when she was heavily pregnant as she was struggling to chase her two year old about so I know it’s not just me!

It’s about the endless quest to be kinder to ourselves. I’ve realised that as Mum’s we feel an element of guilt for most things we do, we are our own worst enemies sometimes. Thomas is in nursery for three full days a week so I know he is learning and spending time with children his own age. So some extra time at home and a little extra screen-time won’t do him much harm in the long run I’m sure.

I’m counting down the two and half weeks until I finish for Maternity Leave (I’ll be 35 weeks pregnant), and I can hopefully spend the three days a week that Thomas is at nursery relaxing, catching up on chores and preparing for our new baby’s arrival.

I’m sure that a newborn and a pre-schooler will present a whole new set of challenges but once I’ve recovered from child birth I’m hoping that I find more energy again to manage it. Until then I just need to do what I can to get through the days without falling asleep and take care of the essentials. Top of my list are my favourite; regular hot candlelit baths and plenty of chocolate!

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