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Self Care, The Early Years

5.5 weeks postpartum

Trying to get into some sort of routine. Not quite achieving it yet.

Eating my body weight in Easter chocolate. My son doesn’t like Easter eggs. And he received about 15 of them! Which means that his chocoholic, sleep deprived Mum is munching her way through them.

No one seems to talk about Postpartum hunger. I am so much hungrier than I ever was in my pregnancies.

I do vaguely remember eating a lot of chocolate and drinking a lot of tea in the weeks and months after Tom was born.

I know it’s not very good for me. But boy chocolate makes me feel so good. It’s always been my vice but it’s my comfort through these tough early days. And it gives me an energy boost (albeit short lived!) I won’t eat chocolate like this forever. Maybe I can give myself some grace during the first three months (or fourth trimester). And until all the Easter Eggs are gone!

I’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself this time around. To not do too much or invite too many visitors until I feel ready and we’ve had our bonding time and are in some sort of routine.

This morning was my first morning getting myself and both kids ready with a deadline. I had to get Thomas to nursery and Ava to the doctors for 10.30am.

Yesterday I dropped Tom at nursery at 9am to be back for our Health Visitor visit at 9.30am. But as Steven helped out with Ava whilst I got ready and dropped Tom off, it seemed so much easier.

I massively underestimated how long it would take today. But that is something I do anyway. I have unrealistic expectations of what I can achieve in a given timeframe. I’m rather optimistic!

So I ended up taking Thomas to the docs with us as we would have missed the appointment if I’d gone to nursery first.

We picked up my Mum en route for moral support and juggled the babies. Logistically it takes some adapting to. Tommy is a live wire and is into everything at the doctors surgery!

We had Ava checked for potential reflux (which is common in young babies) before finally getting Tom to nursery at 11am.

I got home and felt ready for bed! I find that with parenting and especially the early days of juggling two little ones, that there are good days and bad days. Winning days and losing days. You just have to accept that and not beat yourself up on the bad days.

The hardest element can be the lack of control over your day. You just have to go with the flow and focus on the small wins. Getting through the day with both kids happy and healthy is an achievement in itself. If you manage to put on a load of washing and fill up the dishwasher it’s a bonus.

Be kind to yourself Mamma. And have that extra few pieces of chocolate without the guilt! These days really won’t last forever.

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