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Facing my fears to write again

I have toyed with the idea of freelancing for a couple of years now. I have dipped my toe in the water and have taken on one freelance PR project (which was a bad experience, it was basically two days of back to back cold-calling!) and I have had an article published.

Alongside my previous job as a Marketing and Communications Officer within a Charity, I did enjoy blogging, mainly about Motherhood and my trials and tribulations.

After I made the huge decision to quit my job back in the Summer of 2016, I started to doubt my blogging abilities. I think various events knocked my confidence and I worried that I was oversharing. After all, millions of people had access to my posts and innermost thoughts. It was etched on the world wide web cyberspace for ever.

Although I’m quite an open person when I meet people face to face, I am quite a private person online. I have become that way more and more since getting into my thirties and starting a family.

But then I think about how many blogs there are out there, that have massively helped me. My favourite ones are people who share their journeys, who are a little raw and vulnerable and give us permission to feel the same. To know that beyond this image that everyone has their life together, most people ate internally fighting a battle we know nothing about.

So I am determined to overcome this writer’s block and the real fear I’m feeling about writing again, about sharing my writing.

I have been a writer since I was old enough to pick up a pen and these untold stories eat away at me and my creativity is dying to be once more unleashed. I have tried but I can’t fight it, I just need to be brave and take a chance.

The internet feels saturated with writers, bloggers and digital nomads but nobody has the same voice as me.

I hope if you’ve stuck around on this post that you will join me for the ride.

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