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Chocolate egg piece
Self Care, The Early Years

5.5 weeks postpartum

Trying to get into some sort of routine. Not quite achieving it yet.

Eating my body weight in Easter chocolate. My son doesn’t like Easter eggs. And he received about 15 of them! Which means that his chocoholic, sleep deprived Mum is munching her way through them.

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Bathtime candles
Parenthood, Pregnancy and Birth

Pregnant with a three year old; I’m so tired!

Pregnancy the second time around is a whole different experience. I do not know how people do it three, four, five times! Maybe it’s the sheer fatigue taking over but I cannot imagine having more than two children!

My three year old feels increasingly challenging at the moment. I’m sure he senses that I don’t have much energy so is running rings around me! I feel guilty that I don’t have the energy to do more activities with him at home or take him out more but I am trying my best. It won’t be forever.

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Just married
The Love List

Our Beautiful Wedding Day

On Sunday 14th August 2016, I married the love of my life and became Mrs Skarratt. We got married at The Inn on the Lake on Lake Ullswater, Glenridding which is in the beautiful lake district. As with most good things in life, the day was certainly worth the wait, just like those who took the plunge before me told me it would be. I’m happy to say none of my many wedding nightmares came true!

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Me and Steven Thailand
The Love List

Six years of us

Wow six years since our first date. How time flies. Just when maybe a small part of me had given up in my search for true love, you came along and proved to me that good guys do still exist.

Our first date was perfect. We’d held a flirtation at work, at a distance for some months by this time. I thought it would only ever be a little crush with you being five years younger than me. I couldn’t possibly date somebody so much younger than me right?

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