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Birthday memories of my wonderful Dad

Happy Birthday Daddy. I hope that wherever you are you will be having a good knees up today.

I was actually due on your birthday and I arrived into the world exactly a week late. Mum told me how you rocked me and sung to me for hours after I was born and said I was the best birthday present you’d ever had. We’d always get so excited in the run up to our birthdays and loved celebrating them together.

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Birth story part two – the road to recovery

This story is continued from my last post, The Trauma of a Difficult Birth.

I stayed in hospital for four days after Thomas was born. Much of it was a blur, I was tired and ill. I remember the feelings of joy, pride and disbelief mixed in with the fear and pain. I couldn’t believe my beautiful baby was finally here, he was all mine and I was responsible for looking after him. People talk about the intense you feel for your baby instantly, nothing could have prepared me for the intensity of love I felt surge through my body.

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Tom newborn
Parenthood, Pregnancy and Birth

The trauma of a difficult birth

In this post I open up about the trauma of a difficult birth. If you are squeamish it probably isn’t one for you…

I had a wonderful pregnancy; very little morning sickness and I didn’t put much extra weight on. The only thing I struggled with was pelvic pains towards the end as my bump was so huge and swollen feet and ankles (or cankles!). People commented on how I was glowing and I did feel on top of the world for most of it. It really is a miracle to feel your baby growing inside you.

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Me and Tom as baby kissing and smiling
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The curse of the guilty Mummy

Here it is again… guilt.

I feel so guilty leaving my baby this morning that I want to cry. My nearly two year old is going through a very clingy “Mamma” phase at the moment, it’s sweet and makes me feel very loved but it also makes it so difficult to leave him to go to work.

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