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Self Care

Facing my fears to write again

I have toyed with the idea of freelancing for a couple of years now. I have dipped my toe in the water and have taken on one freelance PR project (which was a bad experience, it was basically two days of back to back cold-calling!) and I have had an article published.

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Chocolate egg piece
The Baby Days

5.5 weeks postpartum

Trying to get into some sort of routine. Not quite achieving it yet.

Eating my body weight in Easter chocolate. My son doesn’t like Easter eggs. And he received about 15 of them! Which means that his chocoholic, sleep deprived Mum is munching her way through them.

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Motherhood & Family Life

Believing things happen for a reason

I am a believer that things happen to us for a reason. Obstacles and difficulties are lessons in disguise.

It can be hard to justify pain and poverty and often life can just seem so unfair. Some people suffer more than others and often it’s a postcode lottery. Depending on where, when and to whom in the world you were born can determine your fate.

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Just married
The Happy List

Our Beautiful Wedding Day

On Sunday 14th August 2016, I married the love of my life and became Mrs Skarratt. We got married at The Inn on the Lake on Lake Ullswater, Glenridding which is in the beautiful lake district. As with most good things in life, the day was certainly worth the wait, just like those who took the plunge before me told me it would be. I’m happy to say none of my many wedding nightmares came true!

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Me and Steven Thailand
Letters from the Heart

Six years of us

Wow six years since our first date. How time flies. Just when maybe a small part of me had given up in my search for true love, you came along and proved to me that good guys do still exist.

Our first date was perfect. We’d held a flirtation at work, at a distance for some months by this time. I thought it would only ever be a little crush with you being five years younger than me. I couldn’t possibly date somebody so much younger than me right?

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my lovely dad
Letters from the Heart

Birthday memories of my wonderful Dad

Happy Birthday Daddy. I hope that wherever you are you will be having a good knees up today.

I was actually due on your birthday and I arrived into the world exactly a week late. Mum told me how you rocked me and sung to me for hours after I was born and said I was the best birthday present you’d ever had. We’d always get so excited in the run up to our birthdays and loved celebrating them together.

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