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I’m pregnant; you’re going to be a Daddy!

I’ll never forget finding out that I was pregnant, it’s one of those moments that is ingrained in your mind.

I’d taken a pregnancy test only a few weeks before that was negative (much to my disappointment), it was only a cheap quality save ‘pee stick/ red line’ type of test but apparently they were supposed to be around 98% effective!Deciding that I couldn’t be pregnant (after all we’d only starting trying for a baby the month before), I had symptoms that felt like I was soon due on my period; tender breasts, tummy cramps, PMT.

I suddenly started to feel quesy and foods that I’d previously enjoyed turned my stomach. We’d just gotten back from beautiful Santorini to celebrate a family wedding and I was a little hooked on feta cheese (I’d gained half a stone in a week, impressive work!), so I was eating feta with everything, mainly M & S salads. Suddenly the feta salads were making me feel sick as well as other things like Fruit & Fibre breakfast cereal which I had previously loved.

Me being me, I Googled my symptoms and they led straight to pregnancy. I didn’t realise that period like symptoms could also relate to pregnancy, it was the sickness that had made me suspect it could be something else.

Clear Blue Digital is the way to go

So that lunch time I decided to shell out a little more and buy a Clear Blue Digital pregnancy test, the kind that also tells you roughly how many weeks pregnant you are. I was practically running to the toilets in the Arndale Shopping Centre in Manchester, I was stopped by a girl I used to work with and must have looked so rude as she was trying to catch up/ make small talk and I was desperately trying to get away to do the test!

I made it to the toilet and after the longest three minutes of my life I saw those words ‘PREGNANT, 3 WEEKS +’, it was everything I’d hoped for and I was overcome with emotion. This was the day I’d be waiting for, for a very long time. My heart had wished for a baby for such a long time, I just needed to meet the right man first.

I called my partner Steven (said right man) at work and asked if he could talk, he knew I was going to do the test that day so stepped out of his office and I broke the news to him, “You’re going to be a Daddy”. He later told me that he knew as soon as the phone rang what I was going to say, he was thrilled.  We were in shock, it would take a while for the news to sink in. Life as we knew it was about to change, forever.

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