It's a boy! First and second trimesters
Pregnancy & Labour

It’s a boy! The first and second trimesters

My pregnancy was mostly enjoyable, other than feeling a bit sick during the first trimester.

I went for a scan at nine weeks as my period calculation made the midwives think I was around 13 weeks pregnant. Seeing the tiny shape on the screen and a little flickering heartbeat was a pretty amazing moment. There was our living, breathing baby; a miracle growing inside me. It was surreal and I didn’t really feel pregnant yet, especially once the quesy feeling had passed.

We went for another scan at 13 weeks and what we saw on the screen was much more prominent this time. We could make out a little fetus and the shape of a head, body and legs with a stronger flickering heart beat. It felt incredible. I stopped drinking alcohol, ate more healthily and took vitamins but I still didn’t feel or look pregnant. I felt excited and impatient and couldn’t wait to start showing off a bump and to feel my baby kick for the first time.

Steven and I both decided that we would like to find out the sex of the baby early. We paid £80 for a private scan to find out the sex of the baby at 16 weeks. We decided to go for the scan on Christmas Eve and then surprise our families with the announcement of the sex on Christmas Day. The run up to our appointment was tense, we couldn’t wait to find out. I initially thought I may be having a boy but various conversations got me thinking I was going to have a girl. I knew I’d be happy with either (as cliche as it sounds all I wanted was a healthy baby like all parents do). I’m a very girly girl and I loved the idea of having a little girl to dress up in pink and have a sidekick as she grew up and shared my make-up and perfume.

The appointment finally arrived, after wiggling the probe around my stomach the sonographer announced,

“It looks like you’re having… a little boy!” I was little shocked as I’d now convinced myself I was going to have a little girl. Stevens face couldn’t have lit up more, he was desperate to have a boy. We’d already decided our little boy was going to be named Thomas.

From then on, we referred to my bump as Thomas and he became very real . The scan pictures were lovely, my favourite was one of Thomas sucking his thumb, adorable! We chose Baby Bond in Old Trafford for our private scan and they were fantastic, I would highly recommend.

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