Welcome to the world Thomas
Notes to my baby

Notes to my baby; welcome to the world Thomas

At just after seven in the evening on Monday 9th June 2014, we welcomed you into the world.

You decided to make a traumatic entrance and I woke at 7am that morning, three days overdue with you and heavily bleeding. It was such a shock to your Daddy and I, we were so frightened that we may lose you. I’d read every pregnancy and birth article I could find and nothing had prepared me for this. Everything I’d read said; ‘bleeding is bad – get straight to the hospital’, I was so scared. Your Daddy called for an ambulance and the wonderful paramedics got me to hospital so quickly.

I was rushed through and hooked up to monitors. To my relief I was given the best news I’ve ever been given;“your baby is fine – he isn’t in distress”.  Although I hadn’t yet met you, I felt such a powerful love for you and we’d been bonding for the nine months that you’d been growing inside me. You’d been soothed and reassured by my singing and the familiar rhythm of my heartbeat. I’d been amazed every time I felt you twist and wriggle and kick and stretch.

My labour was over in twelve hours and after a bit of a struggle you came into the world and changed our lives as we knew it forever. The first few days of your life are a bit of a blur to me now, I remember the first time you were placed into my arms. You slipped straight into my heart. Our perfect baby boy, you were bigger than I’d expected at at almost 9lbs!

I was very poorly after you were born and your Daddy was an amazing support to us. We had to stay in hospital for four nights as Mummy needed two blood transfusions, we missed Daddy so much and Mummy was weak. I remember in spite of the pain I was on cloud nine. I wanted to hold you all the time, breast-feeding was a challenge but it was a lovely bonding experience. The hospital staff taught us the basics such as how to bathe you. You seemed so tiny and fragile we were scared we’d break or hurt you. I was so relieved when after four long days, we were finally allowed home with Daddy. W3e were ready to start life as a family.

Life as we’d known it had changed forever. Suddenly our world revolved around you Thomas, our beautiful baby boy.

Love you always
Mummy xx

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  • Reply Brittany Funk December 15, 2015 at 3:03 pm

    Congrats to you and your family. I can’t wait for that moment where pregnancy comes to an end and I get to meet the little one growing in me. May God bless you and your family.

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