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Our romantic weekend in Brussels – a reminder of how lucky we are

So this weekend my husband whisked me to Brussels for a romantic weekend away, he kept the destination a surprise until we arrived at the airport. It was very sweet of him and other than our honeymoon this summer, it was the first time we’d had a weekend away just the two of us, since before Thomas was born.

The weekend hasn’t gone exactly to plan. I came down with a horrendous cold two days before and only managed to get four hours sleep the night before we flew out (and Steven was out drinking a lot of beer with the boys the night before we flew out but we won’t go into that!).

I felt like death as we flew out on Saturday morning so we spent Saturday evening in the hotel and ended up getting room service! The cold was in my head so my eyes and nose were streaming like a tap and my eyes were very puffy, I didn’t feel like getting glammed up to go out to dinner. I already know how lucky I am to have a husband as understanding and caring as Steven but it’s at times like this I’m reminded of just how lucky I am. I know I can’t help being ill but he wasn’t in the slightest upset that he’d gone to a lot of effort to book and plan this trip and had paid for it as a treat, he was happy to chill in the hotel room with his sick wife and get takeaway food. We still had a nice night (and the hotel room was fab and very spacious; we stayed in a Superior Suite at the Radisson Red Brussels), it just felt like a relief to get some much needed rest time! Even at home with a toddler we don’t get a lot of downtime so it was still a treat for us.

We had a long sleep and didn’t wake until 10am (but felt much better for it), Steven brought breakfast to the room for us and we got dressed and headed into the centre of Brussels. We’d originally planned to go into Bruges which we’d been told is stunning but with less time than we planned we decided against it as it involved around four hours travel time in total so wouldn’t have given us much time there.
We headed into central Brussels via a few sites (The Parliament Buildings and The Royal Palace) and hit the famous markets for a much needed mulled wine and hot dog ; the first one tasted like sheer heaven!

We did lots of browsing, eating and drinking and bought a few gifts for our loved ones back home. I was in heaven with all the artisan chocolate shops (I am a real chocolate lover) and Belgian waffle houses, before heading back to our hotel to get glammed up for dinner.

We ate in a lovely quaint little restaurant  near the hotel (I had a delicious lamb main) and drank one of our favourite wines (a Chilean Savignion Blanc) and enjoyed some relaxed one on one time together.  It was so lovely and really reminded me how blessed I am in life. I have daily battles with myself, it hasn’t been an easy ride recently with my job situation and at times I let that worry overshadow everything else. But here I am with my lovely, understanding and caring husband and I am missing the loveliest, funniest, sweetest, most gorgeous little boy we have at home.

I’ve been at home with our little boy a lot more these last four months, I made a big decision to leave my job (which I talk about in previous blog posts), and I’ve had a fair few highs and lows since making this decision. My career was a big part of me and at times I feel a little unsure of my identity and of course we miss the extra money to do the finer things in life that we have become accustomed to.

But I also get to spend so much time with my baby, to be the one to care for him and to see his firsts and watch him grow. And on this trip I’m missing him much more intensely than I did on our honeymoon (which was straight after I left my job so I wasn’t used to spending nearly as much time with him back then). This leads me to believe that my time at home with him recently has really strengthened our bond and brought us closer, that means something to me that no amount of money or career can match.

There are times when I’m at home with him, especially when Steven is working away all week, when the days feel so long and it can feel a little like Groundhog Day – the same routine day in day out, never ending washing, tidying, preparing breakfast, lunches and dinners. Days where I miss adult conversation and the days seem routine and like they will stretch on forever.

But having a bit of time away makes me realise how much I miss my baby and I how lucky we are to have him. The funny things he says the sweet things he does. Given – his tantrums are testing, he is pushing boundaries and my patience but also teaching me so much about life and about myself; ultimately making me a better person.

We have one more day left in Brussels – one more day of Gluwein, pancakes, sausages and chocolates before we head home which we plan to make the most of.

But then I plan to get home and give my little man the biggest, tightest squeeze possible, am remember how truly blessed I am ❤️

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