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Mums should you follow your heart?

Mums should you follow your heart? Even when it isn’t the easiest thing to do?

Back in August last year, I made a huge decision to leave my respectable, stable charity marketing job. I knew I needed to find a better work/life balance after a build up of stress was starting to affect my health. I feel so much happier in myself, more relaxed and I have been able to enjoy much more precious time with my little boy that I’ll never get back.

I’ve since been dipping my toe into the freelancing world and have time to hone my writing skills. I’ve also been investing in myself am undertaking some online training.

I’m incredibly lucky that my Husband is unbelievably supportive. He really is fantastic and so good for a worrier like me. It’s the first time since my late teens that I’ve actually been able to take some time out, jump off the hamster wheel and take a breather. It feels alien to me, I’ve always worked hard, I’m very driven and have supported myself financially throughout my whole adult life.

Yes an element of me feels guilt for not contributing more financially, but a bigger part of me is loving all the extra time that I now have with my son. I’m the one who’s there to care for him, to hear him learn new colours, to comfort him when he scrapes his knee.

Be patient and trust in yourself

Job-hunting for a part-time, flexible role that uses my skills is difficult. Patience isn’t something I’m necessarily blessed with but I’m learning to be kind to myself. I’m still battling with the negative self-chatter in my head pushing me to find a paid job quickly to help us financially. I need to listen to my husbands logical voice, telling me to find something that is right for me whilst I have the opportunity.

From reading many blogs, forums and articles, I know that so many Mums are in a similar position. Trying to find flexible work that works around their little ones. These jobs aren’t easy to land but the pay off is certainly be worth the short-term struggle.

Being a Stay at Home Mum is no walk in the park but it is definitely a more relaxed pace of life. There is more time to do the chores, no rushing out at 7.30am every morning and only catching Tom for an hour or two before bedtime.

And amazingly all my physical signs of anxiety and stress have disappeared, proving just how important it is to take care of ourselves; mind, body and soul.


The massive response to this article published on the New York Times website back in 2009, highlights how many women and families are in this position, it certainly isn’t anything new.





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