Six years of us

Wow six years since our first date. How time flies. Just when maybe a small part of me had given up in my search for true love, you came along and proved to me that good guys do still exist.

Our first date was perfect. We’d held a flirtation at work, at a distance for some months by this time. I thought it would only ever be a little crush with you being five years younger than me. I couldn’t possibly date somebody so much younger than me right?

Wrong, you blew men who were ten years older than you right out of the water. You were probably more mature than me! After a little bit of teasing and coaxing from our work colleagues, you asked me on a date. We were out for your leaving do and I think a few drinks and one of my good friends telling you to go for it, gave you the courage to ask.

I’m so glad you did, that was our last day of working together and I may never have seen you again after that. How different life could have been, I’m a believer in fate and I certainly think fate played our hand in our love story.

Our First Date

You brought me a beautiful bunch of flowers for our first official date, picked me up in your Dad’s car (smooth) and took me to a rather classy restaurant (Albert’s Shed). It was a little strange at first seeing you out of your work clothes, but I think it helped that we already knew each other a little. There were no awkward silences and we got along really well, there was definite chemistry there.

After giggling at a gay guy eyeing you up at the bar at Dukes 92 (gay men still love you), you dropped me off at home and we had our first kiss. I refused to kiss you on your leaving night out,  I don’t kiss on the first date I said  (oh what a lady!). I was rather harsh when I think back, I’d just come out of quite a serious relationship and decided I was through with men for a little while. I think I told you as much. But you weren’t deterred by my icy, hard to get act, I’m sure it probably enticed you more (men love the chase after all don’t they).

We took it slow at the start and only saw each other for dates two to three times a week out of respect for my housemate and because you were a boy with a diary full of commitments (Sunday League player, Manchester United season ticket holder, serial pub visitor).

Falling in Love

I remember after my brother’s surprise thirtieth party you sort of told me you loved me for the first time. You’d gotten extremely drunk as you were nervous about meeting my whole family for the first time. You told me you’d say it properly when you were sober as you didn’t want to spoil it, and you did. It was official, four months after our first date; we were madly in love.

The honeymoon days stretched onto weeks and months and years. We enjoyed a group holiday with your siblings and friends to Thailand, just five months after dating. That holiday was amazing and one I will never forget. We truly were young and carefree. And you saw me in states that you probably shouldn’t have after just five months of dating!

Holidays that followed were Egypt, New York and Ohio, Santorini for your sisters wedding, Croatia for my thirtieth and Lanzarote (for another wedding). We enjoyed many days out, cheeky weekend breaks (Edinburgh, Cotswold and our favourite place; The Lake District).

Our First Home

After a year together we took the plunge and moved in together. Maybe it was slightly rushed as the lease was up on my apartment in town and I wanted to escape the crazy housemate who had replaced my lovely one when she moved down South. But we knew things were right between us and you knew at 29 I wasn’t messing around anymore. Your parents kindly invited us to stay at their house for ten months whilst we saved for a deposit and in March 2013, we bought our first home together.

They say when you know you know. I certainly knew. Things were so easy with you. Our personalities compliment each other; you are the calm to my crazy. And somehow you put up with my sometimes demanding ways. I’m headstrong and independent and it took a strong man to know how to manage me and stick through the good, the bad and the plain ugly times.

Not just ‘Us’ anymore

In June 2014, our lives changed beyond measure when we welcomed our beautiful baby boy Thomas into the world. We are a great team and I think we parent well. After a very traumatic labour and health problems I’m not sure I’ve ever been quite the same but you have been my rock every step of the way. Life has been a rollercoaster, we both love being parents but those flowers and date nights have mostly be replaced with nappy changes, sleepless nights and evenings of falling asleep in front of the tv by 10pm. But we wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

Last summer, you really did make my dreams come true when we became Husband and Wife. I was on cloud nine and our wedding day and honeymoon was the stuff dreams are made of. Since then, you’ve supported my decision to take a step back from my career to be more involved at home, you work hard to provide the best for us and are a constant calming influence on your anxiety prone wife. Becoming a Mummy has brought out the best and worst in me, I’m sure most parents feel the same but I worry like I’ve never worried before. I love this little person more than I thought possible and want to wrap him up in cotton wool.

It’s a good job fun Daddy is there to reason with me and make sure we also enjoy lots of fun. Married life is happy, contented, comfortable and drama-free and I couldn’t be happier. The simple family days when we are mulling about in the garden or on a day out at the beach are my absolutely favourite moments.

Wherever you are will be my home. You’ve said we now have a new anniversary but the 12th May will always be a special date to us. Happy Anniversary my love, six years of us; here’s to many, many more.

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