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Five Truths about Parenting #3

This is the final part of the Top Tips for Happier Parenting posts. I have updated the subject slightly to ‘Truths about Parenting’, as I think it would be nice to finish off with some of the major things that becoming a Mum has taught me. I hope you enjoy and can relate:

Truth 1. Your priorities completely change

Probably one of the most used phrases about how you and your life changes post baby. There are a lot of sayings and cliches that you really can’t grasp until you are a parent. This is certainly one that is very true. It sounds obvious but your priorities change and your child is your absolute number one. Followed by your Spouse or Partner.

Things that used to seem really important suddenly seem insignificant and it’s easier to let go of minor annoyances that used to really wind you up. I didn’t even realise until a couple of years into parenting that I used to attract some drama into my life and I put up with some toxic friendships. I no longer have the time or energy for people or things that don’t add anything positive to my life. Time is much more precious now and I choose to spend it wisely.

Truth 2. You’ll be forced to do a lot of self reflection 

Becoming a Mum has forced me to do a lot of self reflection. I’m a completely different person to who I was before I had a child. I thought I knew a lot about life and about myself but Motherhood has completely changed to way I look at myself and at life. I’ve had more time to analyse things and I’ve been forced to work on some on my weaknesses, patience being the main one. I’m not a very patient person and boy does parenthood require patience!

It sounds a little cliche but becoming a Mum has made me want to work on myself and become a better person, I want to be a good role model for my children and raise them to have the best possible start in life. It’s also made me want to give more back to my community and to those who are less fortunate in life.

Truth 3. You’ll amaze yourself

When you are a Parent, you will literally amaze yourself. You’ll step into roles you’ve never had any training for; you’ll be a Nurse, a Teacher, a Cook, a Carer, a Cleaner, an Operations Director, an Event Planner, an Entertainment Co-ordinator and a Referee, sometimes all in the same day.

You’ll multi-task and manage and co-ordinate so many things and will be heart of the family; the person who keeps everything going. A Mother has to wear many hats, many at the same time. Sometimes it is just an achievement to keep your small person alive, some days you’ll feel like you’ve conquered the world. Give yourself a pat on the back Mamma, you’re amazing!

Truth 4. Simple family days are the best 

My absolute favourite days are when the three of us go on Family day trips. It doesn’t have to be anywhere special or expensive; a simple trip to the park, a walk in the woods or spending the day at the beach. It really is about the simple pleasures now, being outdoor in nature, being active and seeing my little one having so much fun and burning off lots of energy. It also melts my heart to see him playing and bonding with his Dad. Give me one of those days over a fancy meal or an exotic weekend break with the girls anyday.

Truth 5. You’ll experience a love deeper than you ever thought possible 

Everybody says it to you. But you really have no idea about the intensity of love you’ll feel for your child until you have one. My Mum used to always tell me that I’ll understand once I have my own child; and now I really do.

I understand a parent’s sacrifice and devotion to make sure her family are happy and healthy. There are wonderful days and difficult days, but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.


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