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Small changes for wellness – March

Every month I want to make three small changes to make an overall difference to my peace of mind, health and wellbeing. Why don’t you join in too?

Here are my goals for March:

1. Reading

I really need to carve more time to read. And up my concentration levels to see books through before starting another!

My mind is always whizzing with multiple things before bed and I’m usually looking at lots of different articles/ blogs and websites.

My new aim is to unplug by 10pm each night and make 30 mins of time for solid reading before bed, either with a good old-fashioned paper book or on my kindle.

I’m also trying to read more fiction again. I used to be an avid fiction reader but mainly seem drawn to personal development and self-help books these days. Whilst I think these books are great, they don’t allow the same escapism or allow you to wind down in the same way as your brain is still in overdrive.

I’m currently reading Sabine Durrant’s book; Lie with Me, which I’m really enjoying. It’s a psychological thriller so different to the chick lit books I usually read. I keep stopping and starting it though in between Hypno-birthing books so I need to dedicate myself to this book and finish it. I’m about half way through and started it around three months ago! A sign of how I struggle to keep my attention focused.

I started reading it again last night after a rough day and I really enjoyed that wind-down time. A bulk of the novel is set in Greece and I love how good descriptive language has to power to transform you to another world. I could see that crystal blue sea and could almost taste the traditional Greek Feast that was being served! It was pure escapism that I really want to make a daily habit, to help switch off from the day’s stresses.


2. Slowing Down

My due date is finally upon me this month, three weeks tomorrow. Although I’ve made some big changes over the past year and a half, I still don’t make the best use of my time. It’s easy feeling frazzled trying to juggle everything that Modern Motherhood demands, but I am finally in the mindset where I’m being a little kinder to myself.

We have been doing a lot of work on the house and prep for our baby’s arrival, which doesn’t leave much spare time when you have an active three year old to look after.

I’ve stayed pretty active throughout my pregnancy but over the past few weeks I’ve started with quite bad Pelvic Girdle Pain and my back is starting to ache so I am allowing myself to chill out a bit more. I have lost a lost of motivation to exercise so my main exercise now is walking (although it isn’t as consistent as I like).

Although it is good to stay active and supple I will have more time and energy to get back into a regular exercise routine down the line.

3. Eating better and taking care of my teeth

It’s not always easy to eat well during pregnancy, when you’re exhausted and have a fussy toddler it can seem such more appealing to reach for convienience and junk food. Whilst I’m realistic about the fact I won’t be cooking homemade meals from scratch on a daily basis, I know that when I eat better I feel better as a result. So it is worth the extra effort.

Most supermarkets do healthy fresh meals that can be popped in the microwave or oven (M & S are namely my favourite!) so that is the best of both worlds – eating well with minimum effort!

My biggest vice at the moment is chocolate, I am feeling quite addicted to the boost and feel good factor that it gives me. I’m trying not to overdo it but it is my main guilty pleasure during pregnancy so I’m reluctant to be too hard on myself. I know that if I was to go cold turkey for a few days I will likely crave it less. That thought fills me with dread though!

I have had some issues with gum sensitivity this pregnancy, I visited my dentist a couple of months back after a few days of toothache and was told it’s due to my gums receding and becoming inflamed as a result of pregnancy hormones. I was given Corsodyl Mouthwash and told to floss daily even if my gums bleed and brush with Sensitive toothpaste. It really helped and I gradually stopped using the mouthwash (I was advised one bottle is enough as it is medicated and strong).

The night before last I was up from 2am with severe toothache all down the right hand side of my jaw. I managed to get an emergency dental appointment yesterday afternoon. Being up all night at almost 37 weeks pregnant when sleep is already difficult seemed like a cruel twist of fate!

The dentist was once again brilliant and upon examination and an x-ray I was told there is no infection or cavities and its down the the gum sensitivity again. Apparently any plaque or food between the teeth can cause ten times more irritation during pregnancy, who knew!

I was prescribed another bottle of Corsodyl mouthwash and told to floss even when it makes my gums bleed. Sure enough I had a great sleep last night so it has really inspired me to take better care of my teeth throughout the rest of my pregnancy and beyond. Until we have tooth issues and tooth ache we can often take our teeth for granted.


So these are my small changes for the month of March. I think by introducing small manageable steps we can make a big difference to our overall health and well-being. I will keep you posted next month with how I get on! 

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