Nourish Northern Mamas; find your tribe, feed your soul

Imagine finding a group of like-minded women who get together, meet up and chat, share, colour, create, relax and eat cake?

Welcome to Nourish Northern Mamas! Founded and hosted by the lovely Kimmy, her monthly bullet-journaling power hour sessions have become my self-care staple. For busy Mums such as ourselves, these sessions are a welcome haven. A lovely relaxing, safe space to get away from the chaos of our every day lives.

A chance to focus purely on ourselves, connect with like-minded women and let ourselves unwind a little.

The beauty of being creative is that is allows us to be mindful, to be present in the moment and to get lost in the flow.

Children are able to do this so well. It doesn’t really matter how artistic you are, it’s more about the process about creating something just for fun. We have some brilliant chats during the sessions it’s like free therapy!

The ladies in the group share great resources such as books, apps and podcasts that we have found useful and share our parenting highs and lows. Kimmy also has a wellness library with some great books to loan. She usually runs a raffle with some great prizes as well as giving away some Teapigs freebies.

The cake/ sweet treat is always a big highlight and she sources them fresh from a local bakery. Pure indulgence! Kimmy usually leads a visualisation exercise, to get us into a relaxed mindset and it is usually fitting to the theme of the sessions.

Nourish Northern Mamas run a variety of self care focussed events, I’ve joined vision boarding and sustainable fashion events which were brilliant. Kimmy collaborates with other local inspirational women in the wellness field, to bring a range of skills and knowledge to the sessions she offers.

I would recommend that all Mummies need some Nourish Northern Mama time in their lives! It really does feed your soul, fill your cup and allow you to be a better and more patient Mummy!

Follow Nourish Northern Mamas on Instagram or Facebook for the latest updates of events, ideas or just to share snippets of Kimmy’s wisdom and infectious personality!

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