Lessons learned as we emerge from lockdown; June 2020

What a life-changing three months we are emerging from.

No-one could have predicted what 2020 would bring; the global pandemic of our century.

We were essentially housebound for almost three months, banned from seeing loved ones, colleagues and friends in person. Places we had come to take for granted such as bars, restaurants, leisure facilities, attractions have been closed.

Life as we knew it changed completely.

The first few weeks of lockdown were extremely anxiety ridden for me. I have been on a bit of an emotional roller-coaster since but on the whole feel we have adapted to our new normal. Working from home whilst looking after our two young children has proved challenged and tiring; but it’s also brought us closer together and has shown us how flexible and resilient we can be in the face of a challenge.

As the world starts to slowly return to normal, these are the lessons from lockdown that I hope will stay with me;

We really don’t need much to be happy

I feel like I’d already been on a bit of a spiritual journey since becoming a Mother and definitely since having my second child two years ago, especially after experiencing a major health scare soon after she was born. That experience gave me a renewed perspective on life. And here is the next major life event, showing me that it’s possible to strip everything back and be happy with the absolute basics. Other than missing family, friends and social interaction and missing school and nursery for our children; I don’t feel like our lives changed too drastically. This is a testament to what a simple life we were essentially already living.

Fear of missing out is a real thing

We all experience it. Social media is a window to what an exciting life everyone else is having. There has been no FOMO over the last few months because no-one has been able to go anywhere. Until socially distanced meets became a thing and that was the newest social trend to keep up with. I am going to try and replace FOMO with JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out) going forward and only do the things that I really, really want to do. Not just because it looks great on my social media feed and ticks a checkbox.

I am more resilient than I thought possible

Being at home with young children full-time is hard. Throw in juggling our jobs around that and I never would have thought it would be possible. But when we are required to step up we do it.

Good to come out of this is that we are reducing our daughter’s days at nursery from three to two; for cost savings and to spend an extra day with her each week before she turns three. We now know it’s possible to fit work around them when and where we can be flexible and time isn’t wasted elsewhere.

My marriage is stronger than ever

My Husband and I have been through some difficult times together. This is another huge hurdle and we have managed it together as a team. We have spent most of our time together around working and caring for the children and there haven’t been too many explosive arguments! When there are, we are good at resolving things because we are good at communicating with each other. My Husband leads the way with this, he calls me out on my sh*t and shows me empathy when I need it like no one else ever has.

A crisis helps us to re-evaluate who and what is important

This difficult and bizarre situation is a good time to re-evaluate our values, whether we are truly living the life we want or are just going through the motions. It also shines light on our most important relationships.

Some people may have not have been there for us emotionally in the way we’d hoped, but it’s important to remember that everyone deals with stressful situations differently and many people have their own struggles to deal with. It’s also been a great time to work on any of my own inner issues, find ways to self-soothe my emotions and take self-care practices very seriously.

The power of human connection and spirit has blown me away

Humans are mostly an amazing species aren’t they? There are a minority who let us down but on the whole I’ve been blown away by community, kindness and the power of human connection through this pandemic; be most of it virtually for now!

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