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About me

Words by Sabine is a blog focused on Parenting and Lifestyle with an emphasis on Health and Happiness.

You can expect to read my thoughts, reviews and recommendations about raising a little person, healthy eating, moving more, beauty tips, interiors, book reviews and how to slow down the pace and live a happier and healthier life.

I have battled with anxiety and have witnessed first-hand the physical effects that stress can cause. A recovering perfectionist, I’ll be sharing my journey to living a happier, more meaningful life and how to be more present, enjoying the ordinary moments rather than always striving to reach the next goal.

An online scrapbook and a creative outlet; a place to look back at our lives and record my thoughts and feelings, to share a part of myself with the world and make a difference in some small way. Writing things down helps me to find clarity and reading other peoples thoughts and experience helps me to feel less alone. Especially during the amazing but often challenging roller-coaster ride that is parenthood.

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Sabine (Me) 

I became a first-time Mum at 31, after finally finding Mr Right just before I turned 28 (and marrying him last year). Life in my twenties was was pretty crazy; I moved about a lot, delved into the dating world and tried a fair few different jobs until I found a passion for working in Marketing and Communications. It allowed me to rediscover some of the creativity and writing skills I’d harnessed as a child. I was obsessed with writing stories and poems from a very young age; my work often won head-teacher awards and was show-cased at school.

Losing my beloved father at just fifteen had a devastating impact, which I will open-up about in this blog. I used writing as a way to channel my grief but as the years ticked on and I was forced to get ‘a proper job’ to support myself. Much of my creativity disappeared alongside the 9 – 5 grind. I’m delighted that some time out recently has allowed me to reignite my creative spark and take up writing again. Along with my passion for writing I have recently re-discovered a love of reading as a way to relax and escape. I’ve mainly loved chick-lit over the past decade as well as personal development books, I will be sharing book reviews and will be delving into new genres so any recommendations are very welcome.

I’ve always been a girly girl, loving anything pink, floral or frilly. I adore lush bath bombs, spa days, painted nails, freshly curled hair, bright lipstick and chocolate…in any form!  I am a fiercely loyal and determined person, I am also pretty emotional and wear my heart on my sleeve. A social butterfly at heart, life is has drastically changed in recent years and is now centred around my toddler and my husband and I couldn’t be happier. I do still try and make time for my female friends and have realised the importance of maintaining your own identity as a mother. Plus I still enjoy a good girl’s day or night out!

Oh and if you’re wondering, my name originates from Germany (thanks to my lovely German mother) and is pronounced Sabina. This seems to confuse the hell out of 80% of the people I meet!


Steven is the love of my life and five years my junior (which he constantly reminds me of!) He’s genuinely one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, loved by everyone he meets; he has the perfect blend of being kind, yet he is still a lad at heart. The love of his life is a football team by the name of Manchester United, Thomas and I come close though! He is a programme manager for a Healthcare IT Software Company and is one of those people who is brilliant at whatever he puts his hand to. He’s probably the more mature out of the two of us and the only man who has been able to handle my varying moods and emotions; he has the patience of a saint!

An incredible father to Thomas, he is very hands on although his work can take him away quite often which has taken some getting used to. Naturally sporty and athletic, Steven’s body type is the exact opposite of mine which makes planning meals rather difficult in our house. He needs carbs to maintain his weight whereas I put on carbs by looking at them. He would happily live on Pepperoni and Margherita pizzas for the rest of his life, these make up the staple of his diet.

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Thomas (Tommy)

Thomas is our first-born and currently only child. He arrived in June 2014, three days late, and made a rather dramatic entrance into the world.

He has changed our lives beyond comprehension, our hearts are filled with so much love for this little man. Tall like his Daddy and often mistaken for being a couple of years older, he is a little ball of energy. Always on the go, feisty and very headstrong, ‘no’ is currently his favourite word.

A very adventurous little boy, Tommy has no fear (which doesn’t make life very relaxed for us!) We are very keen to promote an active, outdoor lifestyle and he loves nothing more than splashing in puddles, rolling in mud or riding on the back of his Daddy’s bike. Tommy is extremely loving and affectionate and makes our hearts melt on a daily basis. He is very content playing on his own and can entertain himself with his beloved Thomas and friends trains and mail trucks for hours on end.

Tommy is doing brilliantly at nursery and is bright as a button. He is quite shy around other children and adults he doesn’t know well but we’re confident that he’ll form friendships as he gets older. Until then, he has two adorable best friends; his Grandparents cockapoo dogs Pluto and Jess.

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