Lonely, but never alone

How can a heart feel so full of love, yet yearn for some of the things I’ve lost?

I love my life, my role as Mother and Wife and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

But sometimes, actually quite often, I feel really lonely.

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Lessons learned as we emerge from lockdown; June 2020

What a life-changing three months we are emerging from.

No-one could have predicted what 2020 would bring; the global pandemic of our century.

We were essentially housebound for almost three months, banned from seeing loved ones, colleagues and friends in person. Places we had come to take for granted such as bars, restaurants, leisure facilities, attractions have been closed.

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Beauty of the simple life

After yet another difficult morning at home with the children during lockdown, I took our usual canal walk loop with my two year old daughter.

I was a little hurt as my son didn’t want us to go on a family walk, we’ve been splitting our walks on weekdays; my Husband takes my son out on his lunch break to play football and I take our daughter for a canal walk, feeding the ducks on the way.

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